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"Helping Busy Parents Raise Happy, Successful Children"

Child and Family Counselor
Theraplay Practitioner
Parenting Coach
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Professional Parenting Solutions brings a skilled Parenting Expert conveniently to parents who want to be the best parents they can be.

Trying to make the most of your time with your kids?  Are you concerned for your child and not sure how to help them?  Are you going through a divorce and want to help your children through the process?  Have you recently adopted and looking to connect with your child?  Are your kids showing signs of anxiety and not sure how to calm them?

  Get help today.
  • Professional Parenting Solutions solves a wide range of parenting issues such as:  temper tantrums, separation anxiety, sleep habits, eating battles, schedules, following rules, listening, sibling relationships, attachment issues, self-esteem, divorce, and others.
  • Professional Parenting Solutions strengthens family relationships.
  • Professional Parenting Solutions provides the framework for a child to become a loving, happy, successful future adult.


  Professional Member: American Counseling Association